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Thread: Support for Android, Goole Assistant, Alexa, ...

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    Support for Android, Goole Assistant, Alexa, ...

    I have a RadioRA system in my home including 64 dimmers, Chronos with RS-232 and RA-IR. I installed everything myself and have various unique customizations, including adding Dakota Alert motion sensors via the switch closure interface and integrating lighting into URC marcos on my remote via the RA-IR. I've been quite happy with the setup and haven't made significant changes in a long time.

    Now I am interested in adding Android smartphone control of things via Google Assistant, Alexa, or similar. I am interested in options for adding this type of feature without upgrading the entire system to RA2. In the threads below I see one poster mentioned adding Alexa control via an Alexa Harmony hub and RA-IR. Another mentioned HomeSeer has a RadioRA plugin for the RS-232. I'm guessing this is the product -- ? Does anyone have ideas for other options?

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    I'm not sure if this would help but Lutron made an Ethernet to RS232 adapter (RA-NET-120).
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