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Thread: Reverse Waterfall

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    Reverse Waterfall

    Hello , i have new QS system with about 40 keypads , few dimmers and few shades. It worked perfectly for about 2 monts. The project is still under construction , mostly painting and plastering. I have all the keypads blue taped. I noticed that noting is working last night. I have the reverse waterfall on all the keypads and red error blinc code on the processor. I am on my way to troubleshoot it right now and wanted to get some ideas or tips before i take all the keypads off. It has to be something with the wiring.

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    So I unplugged all the keypads from the landing board and plugged only one directly into the processor. Than I started plug in al the areas one by one until i located the bad one. It was one of the jumpers. I am glad that we wired it with two home runs to each loop.

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    Now the question is “What changed?” If the system has been working for 2 months, something had to have changed.
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    He said there was ongoing construction. I got the impression a wire was damaged/cut/nailed/stapled/etc.
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    I have also the same issue .

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    Thank you for your post perkeini.

    This blink code is a point to an issue with communication. We would break down the link to as simple as possible and then build it out. With this process you will be able to determine if the issue is the wiring or device.

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