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Thread: QS 12.2 - LQSE-4S1-D missing

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    QS 12.2 - LQSE-4S1-D missing

    Attempting to add the LQSE-4S1-D to a project using QS 12.2 but it does not show as an option. Please advise ASAP as this job is currently being deployed.

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    Hello totesthouse,
    Thank you for your post.
    I am not finding it in the software either. I'll see if I can find out and reply back once I know.

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    When the LQSE-4S1-D was obsoleted in the US itwas removed from the software. The only way to add one in to a newer projectfile would be to add it in an older project file and then upgrade that file to12.2. We mocked this up and tested the conversion using Homeworks software 9.2and they were there. We then tested converting it to 12.2 and that worked.

    Another option, if the modules hadn't beenpurchased yet you could use the LQSE-4S8-120-D instead. These are in the newerversions of software since they replaced the 4S1 modules. The only drawbackwith this is that the 4S8 is only rated for 120v where the 4S1 was rated for120v or 277v. The 4S8 is rated for 8 amps of switching instead of the 1 amprating for the 4S1.

  4. Thanks Blair S. thanked for this post
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    I was able to send my file to Lutron and have the engineering team successfully add the LQSE-4S1-D

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