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Thread: 6CL compatibility with Caseta/RR2/RR2 Select/QS

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    6CL compatibility with Caseta/RR2/RR2 Select/QS

    Is the 6CL/10ND actually compatible with Caseta and QS as the table at the bottom of page 7 in this document [1] suggests?


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    No, there are different 6CL and 10ND dimmers for Caseta. The RRD6CL/RRD10ND are for RadioRA2 and Ra2Select only. Caseta uses the PD6CL and PD10NXD. Homeworks also has it's own part numbers for the corresponding dimmers. The system you are using may recognize that a Clear Connect enabled dimmer has been pressed, but will not activate across platforms.
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    Didn't think so - thanks! That doc is misleading.

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