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Thread: Micro-PIR Sensors at Bed Ends

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    Micro-PIR Sensors at Bed Ends

    I have some 12VDC Micro-PIR sensors going into the baseboards at bedsides in 3 bedrooms. These will be programmed for night scenes when the client gets up at night. Thet are tiny and will activate when someone gets out of bed and puts their feet on the floor.
    I was planning on integrating these into a QSE-IO Module. Each bedroom will be will be one zone (2 X sensors).

    My question relates to wiring and powering of these.

    Can I just run cables to the panel area and use a 12V power supply for the live and the common on the sensors then connect to the IO CC Inputs and Common similar to the diagrams on the QSE-IO Spec sheet? I

    Any advice would be great as I've never used third party gear with HWQS and these clients are insistent on nighttime sensor control. Thanks! Steve

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    I'm not familiar with your device but yes. If the QSE-IO sees a closure between CCI1 and Com, HQS will do what ever you have programmed. The QSE-IO gets power from the HQS bus and DOES NOT provide output power for any other device. It looks like it will accept 12v on the CCI so even if your sensor passes the full voltage through, it should be ok.
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