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Thread: Radio RA2 No Daylight Sensor

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    Radio RA2 No Daylight Sensor

    I have a restaurant with existing Radio RA2, management wants daylight sensors, how can I add daylight sensors to this job?

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    RadioRA2 does have a hardwired daylight sensor available, but the pieces come from the commercial side and is rarely used. You'll have to have your distributor call Lutron for part numbers and availability. Not sure if it's still even available.

    A second solution that I haven't had the ability to test yet involves Tri-pak. Use a radio daylight sensor to trigger a contact closure tripak module (needs a power pack) to trigger the CCO on a VCRX and activate a "green" button that would cut an appropriate percentage off the loads that are assigned to it. Not as smooth as a real daylight sensor for the rest of Lutron, but might be more readily available.
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