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Thread: Sunco Dimmer Buzzing

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    Sunco Dimmer Buzzing

    Does anyone have experience with Sunco bulbs?

    After installing my new PD-6WCL Casetaís, I noticed mild buzzing with my existing Sunco BR30 11W 5000k LED bulbs. Buzzing occurs at all levels (even 100%) and seems to scale down as they are dimmed.

    I recorgnize that Sunco doesnít even seem to have been tested, but looking for any advice before I replace bulbs. Sunco says they are compatible with many Lutron dimmers, although the PD-6WCL is not specifically listed.

    Elsewise, Phillips seems to be the most compatible based on the compatibility tool. If looking for a direct replacement, is my best bet the Phillips BR30 9W 5000k?

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    Sunco has zero technical data on their site. Most manufacturers will at least list a dozen or so dimmers they have tested with their bulb. Sunco lists zero. They say they are an international distributor based in southern California.

    My guesses:
    1. They are not dimmable bulbs.
    2. On the slight chance they are, they need a reverse phase/trailing edge dimmer. The 6WCL is forward phase.
    3. Sunco is a boiler room operation flooding the market with cheap product.

    Again, my guesses.
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    The Philips 9W 5000k bulbs seem to work well in both BR30 and A19 formats. Buzzing is not noticeable at floor level. They donít look quite as white as the Sunco 5000k bulbs, so I suppose Iíll just have to replace them throughout.

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