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Thread: Connect Bridge Drop Out

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    Connect Bridge Drop Out

    HWQS - after updating OS to 12.3, connect app ceased to work. Worked fine using 10.7.

    Activation status indicates 'not discovered'.

    Scan network and bridge MAC addy shows on proper IP address and reports in as 'Texas Instruments'.

    Deactivate bridge, push button on bridge, bridge appears and is able to be activated.

    After successful transfer of program, activation status indicates 'Not discovered' and system remains unreachable through connect app.

    What's next to fix this?

    OH, and please change the color scheme on the app to something inline with HC+ this app suddenly changed one day and looks awful, highlighting is counter-intuitive.

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    You can try uploading 10.7 again. Before I did that, I would delete the bridge from the software and re-add it after a factory reset..
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