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Thread: Trouble controlling outdoor gas heater with 8ANS

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    Trouble controlling outdoor gas heater with 8ANS

    I've controlled this type of load before without issue, but I've got a client with a couple of these on two separate 8ANS switches and they will work for a little while, then just turn off and it's unclear why. Sometimes they'll work for a while, and sometimes they wont. I'm just wondering if anybody has come across anything like this and found a solution.

    My initial thought is that the maintained operating wattage of the heater igniter is borderline so maybe adding an additional load somewhere in the circuit or putting the whole thing on a contactor might help. Using a normal mechanical switch everything works fine... just not on a lutron system switch.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    This does sound like the minimum load is not being met. If you temporarily pig tail a lighting load off this switch along with having the heaters connected does this issue still continue? If the issue no longer continues it confirms the issue is the heater not providing enough of a load.

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    I have a solution, use that same switch with a transformer and a relay, I did this for an espresso machine that had TOO MUCH load for the switch and it worked perfectly so I assume it would work for you as well.

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    Transformer and relay have virtually no load, so it would be worse. The new CCO device would be perfect for this type application.
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    Even with a relay it still may not be enough load. Some of the really small control relays still do not make even a 8ANS switch work 100%, we've been lucky with a small relay we use but you may need an over-sized contactor (still very inexpensive) to put enough load on to make it reliable.

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    I think I misspoke. I did not use a relay and transformer. I used a 120v relay without a transformer and it worked flawlessly controlling an 18 amp espresso machine.

    I used something like this.... hooked up to a RRD-8ANS. Has worked flawlessly for well over a year. The only load on the switch is the relay itself.

    I will say it isn't the most quiet, but it wasn't an issue where I was able to mount it.

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    Yeah, we use something much smaller and quieter for a relay(& cheaper), allowing it to be hidden in a 1G box or creatively with a device in a deep box. Lutron usually pulls replies with links to 3rd parties so I'm reluctant to mention the brand we use but you can reach out to me: paul at hankselectric dot net if you would like to know.

    The transformer is a great idea though and then perhaps to a 24v relay as the transformer will load the switch nicely. (assuming you have room for it)

    Likewise if you can route through a VCRX or the new CCO (requires inclusive I've been told) you would still need a transformer as the CCO are only rated at 30v I believe. But the would handle a small relay flawlessly.

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