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Thread: Six Under-cabinet LEDs Flickering and Dim with Caesta Dimmer

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    Six Under-cabinet LEDs Flickering and Dim with Caesta Dimmer

    Hi everyone,

    I just purchased a two pack of Caseta dimmers and two sets of dimmable LEDs to replace my current halogens -- six of these for under the kitchen cabinets and three of these for ceiling track lighting.

    I plugged in the cabinet lighting, installed the switch, and gave it a try; the lights got bright quickly, then dimmed considerably and started to flicker. I tried adjusting the low end and top end of the dimming to no avail, and I can't figure out what the issue might be! The only thing that seemed to help was unplugging one of the LEDs and replacing it with a halogen bulb. After doing this, the turn on and turn off dimming is now smooth and flicker free, and the LEDs are bright.

    More or less the same holds true for the ceiling track lighting; I turn the dimmer on and the three LEDs just flicker on and off without much rhyme or reason.


    And thanks in advance

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    What is the model of the dimmer you are using? Check\led for dimmer/LED compatibility.

    CL dimmers are designed to work with screw-in CFLs and LEDs. The PD-6CL is not a good choice for this application. A dimmer with a neutral would be better.

    If the transformers are more than 3 or 4 years old they may not be compatible with LED lighting. They can't handle the surge (bright then dim as you described). You may also see the lights pop-on/off. A single incandescent bulb is usually enough to stabilize the system.
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    Are the halogen under cabinet lights low voltage or 120V? Voltage is usually on the bulb/lamp

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