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Thread: Integrating a LOS-CDT-200-WH

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    Integrating a LOS-CDT-200-WH

    Here's my setup:

    One GRX-3504, A1
    Two wallstations, addresses 1 and 2
    One GRX-AV
    One LOS-CDT-200-WH connected to this GRX-AV, with the intent of serving as an occupancy sensor.

    I have put the OS in 8-second test mode and connected it to Common-1 on the inputs of the GRX-AV. I have also gotten the GRX-3504 to "listen" to the GRX-AV on input 1 only (the only input I'm using). I have set the DIP switches to OS1 mode.

    If I stay put for 8 seconds, the lights stay on. If I pull the "1" input wire, the lights still stay on. Am I missing something?


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    Update: the original installer wired it incorrectly.

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