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Thread: Cannot activate auxiliary repeaters

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    Cannot activate auxiliary repeaters

    Having difficulty activating auxiliary repeaters
    Main repeater is online
    Added auxiliary repeaters to design but no luck activating them despite being next to main repeater
    Tried to add them by serial number but again no luck
    Tried factory resetting them and then activating them but again no luck
    What am I doing wrong?

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    46 view and no replies?
    Anyway solved my own problem by trial and error and am posting to make this forum more useful
    Aux repeaters were not properly reset to factory default
    As the instructions state, you have to be very fast in the tapping department

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    I've been on a project for a couple of days. I'm always happy to help.

    The other thing I would mention is try to keep the repeaters a couple of feet away when activating. Sometimes it makes a difference. Sometimes not.
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    OMG Thank you thank you thank you for this post. Finally the Aux has activated

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