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Thread: Programing Suggestions

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    Programing Suggestions

    Customer has a elderly person living at house that often wakes up in middle of the night and presses global scene buttons that activate lights to turn on in the master bedroom. Unfortunately they can not teach him not to press these global scene buttons and they want to keep the scenes. Looking for programming suggestions to help block these scenes from being activated during late night hours.
    Thanks for the help

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    Conditional buttons based on time clocks?

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    Conditional button logic makes the most sense but I know some customers will still want the ability to have both functions from the same button so maybe a press for the elderly persons functions and a short hold for global scenes?

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    The global scenes might be a little too accessible. I can see a scenario where a guest wonders what "entertain" does and pushes it.

    I'd get them a 4-button Pico with settings just for them. Maybe a path to the kitchen, a path to the bathroom, etc. I have even done a panic button which flashed lights throughout the house, including the master bedroom.
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    Put the globals on a hold or double tap button.

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    Put the globals on a hold or double tap button.
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