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Thread: Caseta Schedule needs internet connectivity ?

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    Caseta Schedule needs internet connectivity ?

    I just installed the Caseta system, with two in-wall dimmers with two pico remotes and Lutron hub. I have scheduled one of the dimmer to turn on/off light at certain time. It worked fine, until last week we lost internet connectivity for couple of days. For those two days the schedule didn't run, but once the internet connectivity is restored the schedule ran fine.
    I just want to make sure if that's expected behavior or is there some other settings that needs to be changed in order for schedule to run despite internet connectivity.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If the bridge loses internet connection, but doesn't lose power, the bridge will still have an accurate time set to it and the schedules should still accurately for a couple of months.
    If the bridge loses both internet connection and power, its time will reset to "no time" and schedules won't run until the bridge is reconnected to the internet.

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    Brain, I think the way you described is not working for me. Even I loss the internet connectivity and lost the current time update. I think bridge is set to show correct time only if internet is connected.

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    It absolutely needs an active internet connection.

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