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Thread: Installing 4-way Lutron Maestro sensor switches

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    Installing 4-way Lutron Maestro sensor switches

    I hope I am asking this question in the right forum.

    I have a corridor lighted by a 4-way application which I am converting to a motion sensor system with a Lutron Maestro MS-OPS5M-SW sensor switch for “Location 1” and two companion switches, Lutron Maestro MA-AS-WH, for “Location 2” and “Location 3.” On Lutron's “Technical Support Wiring Tool Diagrams” (, the picture of “Location 2” shows one RED wire from the wall clearly going to the BLUE screw on the Lutron Maestro MA-AS-WH switch. A second RED wire from the wall disappears behind the switch. I assume that means it goes to the same terminal (the BLUE screw) but connects not on the screw but into the "hole" at the BLUE screw location behind the switch. Is that correct?

    Also, in the box with the Lutron Maestro MS-OPS5M-SW, there is included a six inch piece of yellow wire. I do not see it in the "Technical Support Wiring Tool Diagrams" for “Location 1,” and there is no yellow wire coming from the wall. What is it for?

    Thank you.

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    After looking again carefully, I see that the second page of “Technical Support Wiring Tool Diagrams” ( shows the two RED wires meeting at the BLUE screw of "Location 2." I conclude that one of the RED wires goes to the BLUE screw and the second RED wire is inserted in the so-called "push in" or "back wiring" hole behind the BLUE screw. So, that answers my first question.

    As for the YELLOW wire, I cannot find any reference to it. I am guessing that it relates to a configuration other than or beyond 4-way.

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    Hello Francis,

    Thank you for your post!

    You are correct with the reds, one does plug into the back and the other hooks to the physical screw.

    The yellow is a jumper wire. This could be used in a 3-way with a mechanical switch or in the 4-way of the MA-AS. Instead of connecting one red to the screw and one plugged into the back, you could use one end of the yellow jumper to the blue screw and the other end connected to both the red VIA a wire nut (wire cap). It is just used as a way to jump two wires to one screw connection.

    Hope this helps!

    Julia K.

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