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Thread: Lutron Caseta Dimmer Not Working

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    Lutron Caseta Dimmer Not Working

    I've recently purchased my third Caseta dimmer, and upon install, found it's not working.

    I'm trying to replace a Lutron Diva CL I believe it is? It's a Lutron dimmer, large padle switch, with the little slide next to it for dimming. Upon removal, I found it had been wired with a hot/load/neutral/ground configuration. (

    I took the switch out & capped the neutral, connected the hot & load lines to the dimmer, and connected the ground. Upon making contact with the second black wire, the lights (LEDs) in the room began to glow, but the switch was not functional. I couldn't turn the lights on or off, or even get an LED response out of the switch while it was wired in. Is there something I'm missing? Do I have a bad dimmer, or is something else going on?

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    Couldn't find an edit button, but I swapped the new dimmer out with another locations dimmer. It works perfectly fine there. Is there something simple in the wiring that I could be missing? Or am I just SOL?

    PS: Go figure, this post I can edit. First one I can't.

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    After 5 minutes the edit feature is disabled. No idea why.

    If the Diva dimmer had a neutral connection it is probably an ELV/reverse phase dimmer. Do you know the model numbers of the Caseta & Diva dimmers?
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    So I took another look, and it turns out it's an ELV dimmer... DVELV-303P. So confused as to how it's working right now, I may need to do some reading on ELV systems. As far as I understand, there's no new wires that were pulled when the current LED light fixtures were installed. The old fixtures were 48" 2 tube CFL lights. My understanding was ELV systems used different wires @ a different voltage through the entire system, but never actually looked into it before.

    Dimmer I have now is the 600W one that comes with their Pico remote/Dimmer/Wall plate kit, so just the regular Caseta PD-6WCL. At this point, I'm hoping ordering the Caseta ELV dimmer will work, but would anyone be able to explain how that system would work? Or simply yes/no, and I can look it up to understand it myself better later?

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    Trying to replace Diva with Casetta

    I am trying to replace a Lutron Diva DVELV-303p with a Casetta in Wall dimmer.

    I have tied off three wires at one end (per instructions).

    At the Diva end I have four wires (see photo below). They are Wall Black to Diva Yellow, Wall white 1 to Diva Red/white, Wall white 2 to Diva White, and wall red to Diva red.

    I cannot figure out how to connect this array of wires to the Casetta dimmer.

    I have installed a dozen Casetta dimmers without problems. This one is stumping me. Please help by responding to this email.


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