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    Integration with

    Hi there: I have a Homeworks QS system at home -- that I am trying to integrate with a GE/Interlogix alarm system connected to I have followed the instructions listed here:

    Which involves creating a phantom keypad, linking to processor and enabling security mode using Homeworks QS 8.5 and enabling Lutron via dealer site, specifying processor serial number, and getting the equipment list. I have tried this twice -- and I end up with "Lutron Repeater malfunction" error. The dealer said that they saw some udp error on their side.

    I am assuming that is not able to speak to the Homeworks QS system -- even as Homeworks QS app on the PC as well as the iPhone Home+ app works fine when on the local wifi network.

    I need some basic understanding of how they communicate to debug this further. Is the alarm panel in home supposed to talk to Homeworks QS over Ethernet? The reason I ask is because I don't see a Ethernet cable in the large bundle of cables going into my wired alarm panel. Is there supposed to be some Ethernet/wifi module that I am supposed to add to the alarm panel? Or is supposed to talk to Homeworks via the cloud? That can't be the case because no where in the instructions it asked me to provide any Lutron account details.

    Please help me understand how the two systems are meant to communicate or if you have any ideas on what I should check next.


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    The security system isn't part of this loop. is trying to communicate with HQS via Internet. For some reason is having problems seeing the HQS processor. The modem will need to be in bridge mode. The ISP will complain but they can and will do it. Be prepared for a lengthy phone call. ISPs will randomly update modems and sometimes knock the modem out of bridge mode. This will, of course, be your fault in the eyes of the home owner.

    Home Control+ and the HQS software use local Ethernet not Internet.

    The security mode/phantom keypad is only required if you want to put HQS in security mode when the alarm goes off.
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