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Thread: Homeworks QS Keypad Compatibility

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    Homeworks QS Keypad Compatibility

    Hi, I have a new Homeworks QS system I was going to install and I wanted to make sure these keypads are compatible?

    Lutron QSWS2-3BDI-WH
    Lutron QSWS2-5BRLN-WH
    Lutron QSWS2-5BN-WH

    I think those are originally for the Grafik Eye system but they look the same as the QS keypads to me. Anyone with any experience?

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    Hi xyber007, while the keypads look identical they have different firmware compared to the Homeworks QS keypads. You will need keypads that the model number starts with HQWD-XX. The Grafikeye keypads will not work in a HWQS system.

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