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Thread: Geofencing Challenges: Sunset on Leaving & Multiple Family Members

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    Geofencing Challenges: Sunset on Leaving & Multiple Family Members


    In advance of recommending Lutron as a smart hub solution, and after a prelim review of the Lutron app:
    • There's a sunset option on 'arriving' but not on 'leaving'. Is there a way for lights to only trigger on leaving only after sunset?
    • How are multiple family members handled? Is there a way to trigger lights depending on whether 1 or all is home/away (e.g., if no one is home, turn the lights off)?
    • If all family members sign in using the same login credentials, and the individual user changes light settings (e.g., turn on lights when arriving home), does that sync to all users?

    Thanks in advance - we've been testing but it's been challenging to figure out how the app is determining joint/singular presence.


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    Sorry about the delay in the response.

    - At this time, there isn't a sunset option on "leaving" like there is on "arriving". You would have to use a 3rd-party app/control like the Samesung SmartThings hub/app or the Stringify app to make this possible.

    - Multiple family members are handled per app, not per bridge. The Caseta system doesn't have ways to track whether multiple users are still within the radius. There can be situations where you leave home and turn the lights off when someone else is still at home. You would have to use 3rd party systems (like those mentioned above) for multi-user functionallity.

    - One user changing the lights should sync to all users that are logged in.

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    Hi,I noted above, your reference to a "sunset option" on arriving, with Caseta. We have been using the arriving and leaving scenes, which are interesting, but lights are being turned on in the middle of the day, whether we are arriving or leaving. I have not found a sunset option to turn on . We have turned these scenes off, given the waste of electricity the current functionality is causing. Is this a known issue or a user error or...? Thank you.

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    For the Arriving Home scene the "Only After Sunset" option is to prevent lights from being turned on during the day when you arrive. The Leaving Home Scene does not have this option and you may have to consider what you would like to achieve with it. Meaning that the intent for this option was to turn lights off when you leave your homes radius in the event you forgot to turn them off. If you have the Leaving Scene set to turn lights on then that is an option of course but not really what it was intended for. Hope this helps. Will provide feedback to engineering team to consider option for Leaving scenes that turn lights on to have an option such as "Only After Sunset" to prevent what you are explaining. Thank you very much for your feedback.

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    So I just installed a system for a customer with about 30 devices. We set up an arriving home scene with 8 devices and have it set for only after sunset. The issue we seem to be having is the arriving home scene is being activated in the middle of the night when my customer is home and asleep. It happens several times a night. His cell phone service isn’t the greatest and has satellite internet with WiFi boosters throughout. His house is larger than the average but most caseta switches and the bridge are centrally located. I have installed a few systems and have never had any issues like this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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