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Thread: New Select System in My House with new RRD-6ND dimmers and I cant change fade times ?

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    New Select System in My House with new RRD-6ND dimmers and I cant change fade times ?


    I have been installing RA 2 since the beginning.

    I decided to install Select in my new house and installed about 17 dimmers today using the new RRD-6ND dimmers as all the lights are LED and this seems to be their new goto dimmer.

    In the Select APP there are options in advanced for setting Trim to keep LEDs from flickering etc but no sign of Fade times etc.

    I figured okay its a Maestro so I tried the Air Gap Setup for changing the dimmer settings and it won't let you do it because the dimmer is already controlled from an app which pretty much locks it down to app programming.

    I called Lutron tonight and the tech had no idea and said well maybe you cant change fade times on this system.

    I find this very hard to believe and without the ability to change fade times this system is useless.

    I also noticed when a dimmer is set to 1 LED or the lowest setting. When you turn on the right you dont get a light for 1-2 seconds making it walking it the room dangerous. If you double tap then yes it lights fast but why when at its lowest dim setting it fades so slow you dont get light fast enough. This is why I am looking to change fade times.

    I hope Thursday they have an answer for this or I can tell you Select would be a disaster for most not being able to dial in fade in and our times. Especially with LED's now and setting trim levels you must have fades.


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    I believe you are correct that the APM for the Maestro is locked out once you add to a system. Good news is, you can always upgrade just the Main Repeater to full RadioRA2 and add the Connect Bridge for easy remote access. With or with out the Connect, the fade rates are adjustable in full RA2 via the laptop or the Connect or Home Control+ apps.

    You might try defaulting one dimmer and removing from the Select Main, then alter the APM on that dimmer. Then reactivate on the Select Main. Not sure if this will wipe the APM changes or not, but a $0 test to accomplish your needs. Please let us know if you try this and if it works.
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    Has anyone else figured out how to adjust the fade on/off speed with Ra2 Select?

    I did the APM on the dimmer itself, but of course it gets overwritten when you register the device. And there is no option in the app. Only trim control (which also gets overwritten).

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