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Thread: Lutron and Homeworks QS commands

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    Lightbulb Lutron and Homeworks QS commands

    It seems very odd that integration between Lutron and Alexa includes only ON and OFF commands. It defeats the object of providing an intelligent service when you have to say Turn Curtain ON/OFF rather than OPEN/CLOSE Curtains. Same goes for Blinds which could be UP/DOWN, OPEN/CLOSE, RAISE/LOWER.
    The command vocabulary could do with expanding somewhat, which would certainly encourage me to enlarge the command library, making it logical and intuitive rather than have to look up a script sheet to remember the current strange command structure.

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    I agree. Since those commands are available on the Lutron side, it would seem the issue is with Alexa. I think one issue is that there is no standard. The way Lutron process a raise command may be different than Crestron, etc. However, since Alexa needs to know what system she is controlling, it wouldn't seem to be a big leap to get R/L function. Even better would be to tell Alexa, "set the living room shades to 50%"
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