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No, I went through the process of adding the 4 button scene pico to the wireless bridge, since the caseta switches cannot simultaneously listen to a bridge and picos directly. Alas I can't figure out how to customize the settings associated with the pico scene buttons - they appear to be hardwired to 100/66/33/0 dimming, as far as I can discover.
Try setting all the levels and holding the button down, just like you program it for the non caseta dimmers.

Even with the bridge, you can go through all the steps on the devices themselves and it will be reflected in the app too. I've added a pico through the app and set it to control a dimmer. I've used the buttons on the pico and the dimmer to connect them directly, and then it shows up in the app with that setting but not named yet.

There's no setting in the app for programing the "preset" button on a Pico and these button work similar to that. This is different than the -P01, -P02, -P03 remotes that can trigger a scene in the app.