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Thread: Control 24v blinds

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    Control 24v blinds

    We are working on a project with Homeworks QS lighting and have some 24v windows that need controlling. The client would like a button on the Lutron plate to open and close them.

    Has anyone come across this before and/or could advise the best solution for control.

    Previously we used a 4M-D to control a DPDT relay with a 230v coil to changeover the 24v to open/close windows?

    Iím hoping there is a simpler solution, maybe a 3rd party interface or something that would make everything more compact and less messy.

    Thanks in advance

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    I had the opposite problem here in the US. A client bought some motorized windows from Germany that used 230vac, single phase. I bought a "travel" power supply that converted 120v to 230. The windows had controllers with CCIs.

    The point of that riveting story is: is there a controller that you can interface with (RS232, CC, etc.), or is it just supplying 24v to one terminal to open, another terminal to close?
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    Hi @RANDYC

    To open and close the windows the polarity must be reversed otherwise I could of used a QSE-I0 to drive some relays/contractors but it must be a changeover.

    My thoughts exactly, there must be something out there that I could drive using a QSE-I0 or a 4M-D or other form of communication.

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