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Thread: Compatibility help!!!

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    Compatibility help!!!

    Iím installing an entire home of Caseta dimmers. Which Caseta dimmer can I use with Lithonia wf6 light? I was planning on using the pd-6wcl-wh dimmers with the more common Lithonia retrofit lights. I have now found that in certain applications Iím going to have to use the Lithonia wafer trim. Can I still use the same pd-6wcl with the wafer light and get full dimming range or am I going to have to upgrade to the more expensive Caseta pd-5ne-wh????? The Lithonia website doesnít show any Caseta dimmers being suggested.

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    Try\led. If the fixture isn't listed there, you are on your own.

    I would test the fixture before in groups of 1 and 5 or so.

    The 6CL is a forward phase dimmer, the 5NE is reverse phase. They are not interchangeable.
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    I would try the PD10NXDWH. That fixture is forward phase, and the neutral will help immensely.
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