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Thread: EDU quality

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    EDU quality

    I am considering the Triathlon roller shade series ( 12V) and am unsure of the difference withe the QS wireless roller shades? Are the EDU of equal quality between the models ( 24V listed) or is the difference in the fabric materials? Are there other considerations.

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    The EDUs are essentially the same. As you noted, the power supply is different.

    Triathlon is only available in roller and honeycomb, and has size limitations. Triathlon is much easier to install. Mount the bracket, snap shade in, done. Unless you order it without, Triathlon comes with its own pocket. No blackout (side channel) in Triathlon. The Triathlon pocket does have a bigger footprint to allow for the battery compared to the standard QS pocket.

    QS is available in all varieties (roman, drape, horizontal sheer, etc.), and larger sizes. Install is more involved. Pockets are ordered separately. You can also get QS in a double roller (blackout/shade). The QS pockets are ugly. They seem more commercially oriented.

    Fabric is limited by roll width and ability to railroad. Triathlon may have some limitations because of the fixed pocket size. With QS you have a couple of options because there are more pockets.
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