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Thread: Is it possible to turn a scene on/off with Alexa

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    Is it possible to turn a scene on/off with Alexa

    Hello, is there are way a make a scene in the Lutron app and have Alexa turn it both on and off. It is not working for me.

    For example, I have two outside lights that are set to "on" and the scene is called "outside lights".

    I tell Alexa to turn on "outside lights" and boom, they are on. No problemo.

    The problemo occurs when I want to try and turn the lights off. I have to create another scene that has both lights sets to off. This is rather difficult to come up with something that makes sense. If I called it "outside lights off" then I have to tell Alexa to "turn on outside lights off". Makes no sense.

    Is there a way to have Alexa control a group of lights with a single scene name?

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    Not that I know of. The turning on the off scene is the only way to do it.

    Only other option would be to group the echo with those 2 lights (in the amazon app), then you just have to say turn on the lights, or turn off the lights.

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    Like Sawdust said, It can be done in the Amazon Alexa App.
    Alexa App > Smart Home > Groups > Add Group > Smart Home Group > Name Group > Next > Alexa-Enable Devices=select the all > Devices=select the lights you want to control > Save.
    Have Alexa discover your Smart Home Devices.

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    To add what 3D Design said, after you have created your groups you can go to into Routines and do stuff like:

    Alexa, Turn off all the lights - Turns off all your lights
    Alexa, movie time, turns off all the lights that you have selected to turn off, and also dims the lights that you have in your theater/movie watching room
    Alexa, good morning, reads me the weather, traffic to location I already setup, turns on the kitchen and hallway lights
    Alexa, good night, turns off all the inside lights, and turns on my bedroom light
    Alexa, night night, turns off bedroom light (You can also just say Alexa turn off master bedroom light, but I found this easier to say.

    I have a lot of routines setup this way.

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    That is a nice and genuine doubt which lot of Alexa users deal with. Alexa has more than 60 thousands skills that you can unlock and use. So definitely what you are asking can be done with it. You can read more about Alexa on this website.

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    What I hear people saying is that if you have Alexa don't bother with the caseta app beyond basic switch programming, is that right?

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    Define basic switch programming?

    I have Alexa doing almost all of my voice commands for my Caseta system. I have groups, routines, etc. I also have her working with my Sonos system. Hence my question of defining basic switch programming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RyanSs View Post
    What I hear people saying is that if you have Alexa don't bother with the caseta app beyond basic switch programming, is that right?
    Your question is too generic. The answer will depend on the specifics.

    Schedules work best on the Lutron app. Turn loads on/off/dim based on time or sunrise/set.

    Complex scenes can be programmed in the app and triggered by the app, scene picos, or voice control. A scene can only be triggered, it can't be 'un-triggered'. If you want to do the opposite of a scene then you need a second scene.

    For voice control, loads can be grouped in the Alexa app. Groups respond as though they are a single device and can be turned on, off, or set to a particular dim level. Make groups such as "living room", "downstairs", or "outside" to control all loads in each group by a single command. i.e. "Alexa, turn off living room"

    You can also include an Echo device (Dot, Spot, Echo, etc.) into a group. That makes that particular echo device aware of it's relationship with the other grouped devices so saying, "Alexa, lights on" to the Echo in the living room will turn on the living room lights without having to specify "living room lights".

    In general, you're using the Lutron app to set up the schedules and scenes then using the Alexa app to define and add to the voice control options.

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