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Thread: Limitations of Pico scene creation

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    Limitations of Pico scene creation

    I have a Ra2 and Homeworks background so I'm mostly used to keypad programming but have a potential customer who wants Caseta. I'm hoping to convince him to at least go with Ra2 Select or hopefully Full blown Ra2 because he has 45 devices and I know from experience he will go over at some point but regardless, I need to explain the limitations of Caseta to him and the Pico buttons

    1. Can a pico programmed through the app/bridge control every light in the system or is there a limit? I have heard there is a limit of 10 devices in standalone but am not sure if that's 10 picos per light or 10 lights per pico.

    2. Can a pico be programmed to set the levels through the app or will the on button only go to 100% and I need to manually set the favorite button by pressing and holding?

    3. What's the deal with the scene picos?

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    Sorry if nobody's replied to this feed yet.

    To answer your questions:
    1a. You are correct with what you said about standalone. A dimmer can listen to up to 10 devices and a Pico can control up to 10 devices.
    1b. When using the app/bridge, a Pico can control any amount of devices linked to the bridge, up to the 50 device limit of the bridge.

    2a. The standard Picos have their levels set by holding buttons on the Pico. The only programming done to it through the app is assigning lights to it.
    2b. The new Pico Scene keypads allow you to set different lights, and different light levels through the app. Each button is a single-action scene button. You can't use the same button to toggle a load on/off you would need 2 buttons for that. One to turn the light on, and the other to turn the light off.

    3.See answer 2b.

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    Thank you Brian. It all worked out great. The scene picos are amazing!

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