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Thread: Hybrid Repeater and device activation

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    Hybrid Repeater and device activation

    Do RF devices "marry" to a specific repeater during activation? I am curious if a device will always look for the repeater it was activated against, even if a second repeater is added to the system later that is closer in proximity. (Marry a dimmer to repeater A, weeks later come back and add repeater B at a closer location, will dimmer still want to connect to repeater A).

    My reason for asking is that I saw this behavior in the early stages of RA2. I had a job where I added all RF devices to the Main Repeater before sending out to field. Aux repeater added onsite, all devices still tried connecting to main repeater. Had to de-activate and re-activate everything with Aux repeater on the system.

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    Hi toteshouse, if the repeaters are on the same link then they will both be on the same frequency and would communicate with the closest repeater. If the Hybrid Repeaters are on different links, then it would act similar to a 2 Main Repeater system. The repeaters will have different frequencies and a device will only communicate with the repeater that it was activated to, even if there is a closer repeater on a different frequency.

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    I was told tabletop keypads are an exception, that they would communicate with any repeater. Haven't tested this.

    I'm guessing Pico's, are also RF link dependent.
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    All RF devices are link specific. The RF devices can only communicate on the frequency they are activated on, if there is more than 1 RF link then the devices will locked into that link.

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