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Thread: Homeworks for a Hotel (not my room) is it possible ..?

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    Lightbulb Homeworks for a Hotel (not my room) is it possible ..?

    Iím a lutron homeworks dealer , i have a project in a 28 hotel boutique , the hotel is new but 95% is finished and the open inauguration in 2 months , is not easy to wire, it has 3 presidential suits , 350m2 (28 lighting zones) , 170 m2 ( 18 zones) , and 150 m2 (18 zones) , is like a whole home.
    they want to automate this 3 suites by now , not the whole hotel , may be in the future , i know my room lutron line can do it but needs to wire
    1). The question is , can i use lutron homeworks to automate the 3 suites as a whole home ? I mean with only one processor for the 3 individual separated suites ? I know in scenes with keypads it is possible to sepearate as 3 whole areas , just programing separated. The main problem i see is in the lutron+ app , can i use 3 lutron+ Apps .? One for each suite, usin only one processor ? And dissapearind the lighting zones of the other suites in the app?
    2) is it possible to link homeworks with my room in the future if they would like to extend to lutron my room the the other 25 rooms ?
    3) if the project was yours , what system solution would you solution advise ?

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    1. No. don't do it. You need 3 processors and 3 systems if you want 3 apps and no ability to control other lights in the other suites.
    2. No I don't think we'll ever see integration of HWQS into MyRoom or vice-versa.
    3. HWQS will give you the most flexibility. If you have the time and resources to put into programming and learning the ins and outs of 3rd party control you can have 4 Homeworks systems (suite 1, suite 2, suite 3, junior suites) and send commands between them via LAN.

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    So if i want to grow to the other 25 small rooms , in the future , i need to sell 25 homeworks systems ? Extremly expensive !, i have not decided yet what system Quote, they want total integration luxury in the suites , audio, video , air cond, drapperies ( somfy) , touch screens, thats why when i think in Lutron , even homeworks canít doit all , or may be oprion to think is control 4 ? , these are the projects where lutron needs to think in develope new product where they can control third party devices , and not forcing us to look for other brands who have lighting an third party control , please Lutron the competence company is doing , why you not ? Develope processors and accesories where can control all third party devices with partners .
    I Canít understand how Lutron canít see his competitors , control 4, Crestron , many others companies that at the beginning born as integration third party systems and migrate to invade lighting control systems to offer better and less expensive solutions to their clients in a whole system , why lutron donít develope third party specialized control products, to allow us to think in one whole lutron system , not in two (crestron+lutron) which make it more expensive, and more dificult to setup . Please Lutron think in us your dealers , Mr Spira founder said that lutron is the best lighting control system company , not an automation company , but the times has chaged , and now we need whole sustems , Lutron Iím married with you please think about it !

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