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Thread: RR2 First Project LED for RRD-10ND

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    RR2 First Project LED for RRD-10ND

    Need advice an advice/help on my first RR2 project looking for compatible LED Retrofit for 6" cans that is compatible with RRD-10ND
    Thank you.

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    Most retrofits should be at least decent with this dimmer. Quality- look at Nora Cobalt. Budget- look at Halo or Lithonia P-series.
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    Hello Bootzy,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    Whenever, looking for LEDs that are compatible with Radio RA2, we recommend using the LED Product Selection Tool, This will generate a list of all the compatible LEDs, what RA2 controls are compatible, dimming range you will experience, minimum and maximum number of LEDs, and any reported issues (such as buzzing). 6inch can lights will be found under the category "Downlights."

    Hope this helps!

    Julia K.

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