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Thread: Is SFSQ-LF and SFSQ-LFH the same thing?

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    Is SFSQ-LF and SFSQ-LFH the same thing?

    Trying to replace my daughter's 3 speed fan slider with light switch but not finding the exact same model. We have SFSQ-LF-WH and I only see SFSQ-LFH-WH on most sites. I read something on a home depot product review that the packaging SFSQ-LFH-WH was misleading and the "H' in "LFH" just meant for Halogens. Anyone know if these 2 items are one and the same? Lumon product documentation has only one: SFSQ-LF-WH

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    Hello biggorilla,

    Thank you for your post!

    The H in the model number SFSQ-LFH-WH just means it comes in a plastic packaging. It is the same device as the SFSQ-LF-WH, just a difference in packaging.

    Hope this helps!

    Julia K.

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