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Thread: Help: How to install 2 PD-6WCL in a dual switch gangbox?

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    Help: How to install 2 PD-6WCL in a dual switch gangbox?

    Hi folks...need some help in installing two PD-6WCL (no neutral wire) in the same gangbox.

    One switch will control one side of the basement's lights and the other switch will control the other side. Both of them are connected to a single 15 amp circuit.

    The gangbox has 9 cables coming out of it:

    WHITE: 3 neutral (all tied together)
    BARE COPPER: 3 ground (each tied to a different screw on the gangbox)
    BLACK: 1 hot (going to the circuit breaker) and 2 toggles (each going to one side of the room lights)

    The Caseta dimmer switch has 3 wires each (1 ground and 2 6 in total for both the switches). How should I be wiring the 4 black wires to the 3 black wires coming out of the gangbox?

    Appreciate the help! Thanks...

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    All of the grounds should be connected together, along with the metal box and the ground wires from the dimmers.

    The hot wire will be connected to both dimmers. One of the toggles (switch leg) will be connected to each dimmer.
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