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Thread: four way installation problems

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    four way installation problems

    I have a four way switch (three wall switches) and I'm trying to get my dimmer/s to work. I installed three main and two companion. I'm not at all sure the wires are correct but I tried to keep the correct ones aligned.

    Now, I have everything wired up. Initially, I capped off what looked to be a neutral (white) wire in the main dimmer switch. Nothing. No power. I then touched that to the existing white wire in that box and there was power to the whole set up. But, nothing dimmed and nothing turned off. Switches did't work at all.

    HELP. I have been messing with this for days now and I'm not any closer. I have tried looking at the wiring diagrams but I'm not sure what I have in my walls. I understand the 'hot' wire and the traveling wires and the ground but trying to decipher what was in the switches is an issue, not to mention what's happening (or not).

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    In a typical 4-way scenario you have power coming in on one end, through a 3-way switch (basically an A/B switch). The 3-way connects power to one of 2 travelers (normally black and red). A 3-way switch at the other end sends power up to the light. If both switches are connected to the A terminal (or both to B), the light will be on. 4-way switches (a dual A/B switch) are placed in between.

    Maestro style dimmers use the same wires but in a different configuration. Start at the power end, connect the power wire to the black screw and the black traveler (from 3-wire cable) to the brass screw. Connect the red wire to the blue screw. Repeat this procedure for each location. The 4-way will have 2 red wires attached to the blue screw. The last device will have the black wire to the light connected to the brass screw.

    Maestro dimmers without a neutral connection can be placed at any location. Maestro dimmers with a neutral must be at the end where the power goes up to the light.

    In some cases the power in and power up to the light are at the same end. The electrician will use one of the conductors in the 3-wire to send either power or the wire up to the light to the other end. You would use the same procedure but the colors may be different (i.e. travelers may be red and white).
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    Hello cherylb,

    Thank you for your post!

    We would recommend calling our 24/7 technical support line at 1-844-588-7661 with a multi meter that measures AC volts to try and determine where the wiring issues falls.

    Hope this helps!

    Julia K.

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