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Thread: Any conditional logic tutorials or practice exercises out there?

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    Any conditional logic tutorials or practice exercises out there?

    I'm ashamed to admit this but I don't remember how to do conditional logic because I haven't had to use it in years. From what I do remember however, it was a lot more logical (pardon the pun) in illuminations and QS seemed like it would go the backways and it wasn't a direct "if loadDiningChandelier is on, turn off loadMediaRoom at 50%".

    Actually, is there a giant programming manual for Homeworks QS out there that gets deep in the woods? I do have a MyLutron account.

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    Hi SparkyCoog, you can still base conditional logic off of a load state. When you start the programming there is a drop down of the support conditions you can base the logic off of. Unfortunately we do not have a programming guide that covers everything, but if you get stuck on something you can send a request to and we can mock up a sample to show you how something can be done.

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