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Thread: Single Press Off and Hold for Dim down

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    Single Press Off and Hold for Dim down

    Hi Guys and Girls
    Was wondering if anyone can help me with this button model please ?,
    I have been requested by a client that a single press turns off a room,( thats easy ), but also wants the same button if held down to do a master lower dim.
    These are easy when done individually, but i cannot see how to do this on the same button, any ideas would be gratefully received. I have a project where it needs to be rolled out to about 85 keypads.

    Richard B

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    On the programming screen near the LED logic drop down there is a check box called cycle dim. When you press and hold the button the LED will flash and dim the loads assigned to that button. If you release and press again the lights will raise. If you release and the LED stops flashing (1-2 sec) the button is back in toggle mode. You can specify the initial direction (raise or lower) in Project Settings/Programming.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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