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Thread: Wireless Daylight Sensor in HWQS. And potential work arounds.

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    Wireless Daylight Sensor in HWQS. And potential work arounds.

    Why isn't the Daylight Sensor (LRFx-DCRB-WH) supported directly by QS since it's a Clear Connect device? It's would be useful and the hardware should already be able to communicate with a QSM or Hybrid Repeater. It would just be a matter of enabling it in Designer.

    I believe the only way to interface LRFx-DCRB-WH with HWQS at the moment would be to pair it to a CCO PowPak (RMx-CCO1-24-B) and use CCO to connect to the CCI on the QSM/QSE-IO. I'm not sure how the setup on the Daylight Sensor would work exactly, but I presume you'd get a discreet OPEN/CLOSED. The sensor isn't document well in the Spec Submittal, but I'm curious if anyone's tested this out. Of course, you don't get the light level feedback from the sensor because of the contact closure, so it won't be useful for dimming... only to determine if the lights should be on or off.

    The supported and documented Lutron solution is to use:
    GRX-CES Daylight sensor (4 versions available)
    GRX-LC8 Controller
    Power Pack to supply 24vDC power to the sensor and controller

    **I'm not certain about pricing, but the controller is probably at least $200 plus sensor cost, plus $40-50 for the power pack making it expensive and cumbersome unless you've already wired for it**

    Also, the controller also has the disadvantage of only being able to set manually LUX/footcandle threshold which supplies a CCO for discreet ON/OFF states with a dead area in between instead of being able to change the fixture light level continuously as a function of the ambient light.

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    Hi Kingfisher, we do already have 2 RF daylight sensors options that work with a QSM. We have the LRF2-SSW-WH window sensor, and the LRF2-SSM mullion pair that have been in the software and support for a few versions. The sensors will need to be added to your toolbox in Design > Controls, then once the QSM has been added the sensors will need to be assigned to the QSM. When you go into activation you'll then have an option in the drop down for "QSM Sensors".

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    The 2 RF daylight sensors (I believe) are both essentially window sensors--mullion mount SSM and SSW mounted on the window. These aren't intended to give feedback on the amount of daylight in the room. These two sensors seems primarily for window shading applications. Why have 2 sensors that essentially do the same thing and not include LRFx-DCRB-WH?

    Also, it's worth nothing that the SSW sensor is not available in all markets. It's not available in India for instance. It's hard to tell where it's available as the Spec Sheets are the "North American... " etc. ones. Hopefully Lutron takes a hard look at how all the Homeworks QS Spec Sheets are organized and laid out. It would be most helpful if they listed all the colors, country codes, etc. in one place. Some of the sheets are like this like the QSM one. Also, I've tried to order things like SSM in custom colors are indicated on the Spec Sheets, but Lutron just says it's a bad part number. How do you order these? Are they actually available?

    Also, for the DIN module (adaptive, 1A adaptive, 1/5/10AX Switching, Eco System, DALI, 10AX 0-10v) it would be helpful if all the important data were laid out in a common format and in a table instead of written out in words in different places on the sheet. It's easy to miss, for example, that the 1A Adaptive module can't be used with non-dim loads. It's documented in the Spec Sheet but only on page 2 or 3. On the other hand, for the 4A it's not indicated anywhere if it can be used for non-dim lighting loads.

    model: LQSE-4A-D
    country availability: Global (?)
    input voltage: 220-240v, 50/60hz
    max total in input current: 10AX
    CE: Yes
    minimum load per output: none
    non-dim loads: unknown (it's not in the Spec Sheet for this module)
    non-dim loads with interface: ?
    zone-output ratings: table as is done currently

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    Hello Kingfisher
    Thank you for your post.
    I will ensure the appropriate team reviews your feedback.

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    I just checked out the lit piece and you are correct. The Daylight is listed under the RA2 section although I can tell you that the Daylight sensor is not currently planned to join the RA2 family. I have pinged back to the marketing folks to let them know of this issue with the sales lit.

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