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Thread: Link dropping

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    Link dropping

    Had a call out from an old client that's had an install for about 4 years now. There's a problem with the ground floor switches and circuits, randomly not working.
    The ground floor is on Link 2 and only link 2 has the issue.
    However, if I remove link 1 from the processor then link 2 behaves correctly. Also have a "QS device not in database : Link 2 address 35. I have 34 devices assigned in link 2.
    I have re activated all the devices throughout program, all 94 of them and even swapped out the processor but no avail. I have disconnected whole sections of the link circuits but its utterly random and can't pin down an individual device that's causing the Link 2 to crash.
    Any ideas.

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    Hello Whitenoise,
    Thank you for your post.
    In order to further assist see if you can replicate the issue(s). Document date/time that the issue(s) occurred and generate a support file. Send it to and we can help investigate the problem.

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