OK RA2 Select seems to be a "Caseta on steroids" and a pretty good fit with the integrations it has generally (Harmony, HomeKit, IFTTT, Hunter for example is nice) ...better than RR2 for some mid-market/mid-upper scenarios...

BUT R2S does *not*(yet) show ADC (alarm.com) integration like Caseta? Huh ???

I thought alarm.com/R2S was even mentioned in the original press release at the show debut last fall ...but I may misrecall?

Anyone know if this is in the works? Gosh that's a big miss if not... with RR2 and Caseta even, ADC integrates.
Makes for a nice entry/one app arrival experience & alert responses...etc.

Is RA2 Select gonna have Alarm.com integration ? Any rumors? I know Marketing folks generally dislike commenting on announced features, but sure would be good to know if there is some clear technical or commercial(ugh) barrier to this ADC integration happening! Anyone got some "unnamed sources" on this or semi-official info?