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Thread: Sivoia with RA2 select

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    Sivoia with RA2 select

    I am confused about options for the Sivoia -hard wired -powered- Triathlon roller shades with the RA2 Select system. Can you use a 2 wire system for 12volts to the shade and then use the RR-Select main repeater to setup & control via the Lutron mobile app and also control by Pico remote? Would the correct model be the " Triathlon Wireless " refer to RF control vs the other model shades?

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    Yes. You will have to put the Pico in the R2S system as well. The shade can be stand-alone with Pico control or part of a R2S system but not both.
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    Thanks. So you can add the Ra2 select with Main Repeater to control the Sivoia Triathlon ( 10unit power supply )( hard wired but with wireless control) and also add a pico working withe the Main repeater- programmable with Ios or android mobile device. Alternate pico with no Main control. I understand voice control is available with Alexa or Google Home enabled.

    I am considering the Triathlon roller shade series ( 12V) and am unsure of the difference withe the QS wireless roller shades? Are the EDU of equal quality between the models ( 24V listed) or is the difference in the fabric materials? Are there other considerations.

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