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Thread: Lutron DIVA DVCL-153PR-WH + GE LED10DR303 still buzzing

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    Question Lutron DIVA DVCL-153PR-WH + GE LED10DR303 still buzzing

    I recently replaced (8) incandescent flood lights with GE LED10DR303/5K2PK which is a 2-pack carton containing bulbs with the model number LED10DR303 / 850W.
    These were connected to an older radial type dimmer and when I dimmed the lights there was a noticeable buzzing sound. When left at %100 the buzzing was minimal, almost non-existent.
    I want to be able to dim the lighting in this area so went out to find a 'compatible' dimmer for LED bulbs.
    I located several via the compatibility tool on the Lutron website and settled on the DVCL-153PR.
    After installing the new Lutron dimmer there is now a noticeable buzzing from the GE bulbs at %100 and it only gets louder when they are dimmed. So the problem got worse.
    According to Lutron information these components are compatible....the Lutron tool even showed this bulb/dimmer combination being the the 'best' category for performance.

    So what do I do now?
    I have many of the GE LED10DR303 bulbs installed in recessed cans and returning them is not ideal.
    Is there a Lutron dimmer that will actually work without buzzing?
    If its not the bulb or the dimmer what else could possibly cause this problem?

    many thanks in advance,


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    Unhappy Update

    One thing I did not do was check the reviews/ratings for this particular LED bulb.
    So I went and checked customer reviews on HomeDepot, Amazon, etc and found that the reviews were pretty terrible and included shorter than expected lifespan of the bulb AND a lot of complaints about the bulbs buzzing.
    Guess there was a reason why these bulbs were on sale. ;)
    Back to the store they go...I'll be trying Philips next to see if I can find a bulb that is quiet.

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    Hello kleetuss14,

    Thank you for your post!

    We are sorry to hear about the issue you are having! Typically, when an LED manufacturer makes a design change/improvement to their product they do not need to contact the dimming control manufacturers, nor change their model number. We normally do not find out about there changes until a customer informs us an LED is not performing as stated on our website. We have flagged this bulb and thank you for notifying us.

    As for the LEDs buzzing, when an LED are used on a dimming control, depending on the design of the bulb, they can produce high current spikes. These high spikes may cause the bulbs or the dimmer itself to produce an audible buzz or hum. Due to the design and manufacturing variation, the volume of this buzz can differ from one to the next.

    We hope the new bulbs resolved your issue and thank you for the notification.

    Julia K.

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