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Thread: Lutron Maestro for Gas Fireplace

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    Lutron Maestro for Gas Fireplace

    I have a Lennox MPD3530CNM-B fireplace. It is controlled by two standard toggle switches on the wall. One of the switches is power to an electrical outlet below the fireplace cavity. The fireplace blower is connected to that outlet. The other switch controls the fireplace. I can turn on and off the fireplace even when there is no power (millivolt).

    Based on my research, I am not going to be able to put a Lutron Maestro switch (or a very, very close visual match) for those fireplaces. I understand the Lutron Maestro is an electronic switch, but is there an alternative which looks very similar to the Maestro switch and would allow me to turn on and off the fireplace (even without power)? What people typically do with millivolt gas fireplace? They put a "old switch" next to a fancy Lutron Maestro?

    I am planning to update my entire house with Lutron Maestro Dimmers/Switches. One of the main reasons I am planning to go with Lutron is that I could get dimmer, switches, outlets, wall plate of the same style and color across the entire house. I am not postponing my purchase... I would really appreciate if someone could help me figure out how this would work!

    Thank you!

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    Claro switches are available in all the Maestro colors. However, it has a toggle/paddle.

    Have you looked at some of the remote controls for fireplaces? They typically have an IR receiver and a remote. Some have temperature sensors that will turn the fireplace on/off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by randyc View Post
    Claro switches are available in all the Maestro colors. However, it has a toggle/paddle.
    I could be wrong, but I though that Claro was only for wallplates. I could not find any Claro switches.

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