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Thread: Alexa integration and Home Owner Keypads

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    Question Alexa integration and Home Owner Keypads

    A couple of points that I'm hoping I am just missing.
    Is there any update with regard to Alexa commands, ie dimming and better switching capabilities rather than just scene and toggle.

    For instance to switch scenes off you have to tell Alexa to actually switch the off scene on. Rather counter intuitive.
    I found if you create the scene as a toggle then you can tell Alexa to turn on and turn off, but you have to programme an actual Keypad button as a toggle. Home owner (Phantom) Keypad dont have the ability to select type of button, so currently I am having to make all the physical keypads in the system 10 Button even if in reality they are only 5 button so I can get some 'hidden' buttons that I can toggle. All well and good so far, but a: they show up in the app and b: I have to make a second correct database for ordering the engraving to suit the actual keypad buttons.

    Has anyone a better solution or is Lutron going to be able to do something about it.



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    I'm running HQS 11.5 and I can select single action, toggle, dual action, raise, or lower for buttons on the phantom keypad.

    FWIW, I think this is an Alexa issue. Google doesn't recognize that sending the same command again will toggle the lights.
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    Thanks for that Randy. I originally built the programming using 10.6. I upgraded to 11.5 yesterday afternoon and hadn't looked at the homeowner Keypad again as there was no mention of it in the release notes.
    This solves most of my issues now its fully programmable other than Alexa doesn't always understand my clients West African accent :)

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