I made a mistake a few months back, and upgrades my Office Desktop to Windows 11. Since then I have been un-able to get Designer to run on this computer.

Here is a list of things i have tried:
1. delete all versions of Lutron software and re-install fresh.
2. delete all versions of Lutron software, re-install starting with Ver 6, and try and work up to current, Highest version that will run is Ver. 8
3. Every time I Install, I do so as Administrator
4. Every tine I run Program I do as Administrator
5. I re-try install after every Windows 11 update or Lutron Update.
6. With Designer 22, that just came out i have gotten a bit closer, it gets much closer to running, and actually gives me an error code now. See below......

Click image for larger version. 

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Looking for any help, Thanks in advance.

-- Jeff
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