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Thread: Anyone else having to replace Lutron switches with broken bezels that won't stay on?

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    Hi lutron bezel broken

    The bezel is flimsy and no replacementment kit. Why not. It should be free. No one would buy a Lutron if they new this.
    Does home Depot have a place to leave customer reviews?

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    Topspinwilly- Call Lutron customer support and they should be able to help you. I think I once heard that they can’t distribute only the bezels because of UL certification reasons.
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    @n1oconner, super helpful post. I opened up my switch, and it looked *exactly* like your pictures. spring rocker was just slightly out of alignment. I found an expired museum membership card, cut a little shim and wedged it in. The card is a touch thicker than it needs to be the switch is just the tiniest bit stiffer than it used to be. But I can turn it on and off now. Thanks again for taking the time to post and upload pictures especially.

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