The two lines, 03655 & 03656, are from a telnet log session. Does anyone know what the DIAG ERROR2 is and what may be causing it? It shows up from time to time. Right now all seems to be working. The Hex 0x00000448 is decimal 1096. I am pretty sure it refers to the UUID=1096, which is the HVAC (ID = 33). See bottom lines taken from the XML output. The other question has to do with the REMOTE CONN. I think it has been established here that the main repeater is trying to reach My firewall blocks this, but it produces a lot of clutter in the log file. Yes, I can live with it. I read on this forum that with Inclusive this can be turned off. I am using Essentials 11.6.0. Can Essentials 12.0.1 disable this "feature"? If not, any idea why Lutron would not want Essential owners to be able to stop these incessant attempts to reach a site that is not part of a homeowner system?


From telnet log:
03655 | 01/29/18 | 05:35:44 | 0589218146 | CORE | 00000 | DIAG ERROR2 | hvac_zone_class.cpp: 1448, Data: 0x00000448, 0x00000005
03656 | 01/29/18 | 05:44:39 | 0589485472 | WRKA | 00001 | REMOTE CONN | WRKA: TX Ping with ACK requested (count = 25)

From XML output:
+<HVAC UUID="1096" Name="Whole House" IntegrationID="33" ControlType="Default" AvailableMiscFeatures="Eco,Schedule On Off,Schedule Visible,Schedule Editable"
AvailableFanModes="Auto,On" AvailableOperatingModes="Off,Heat,Cool,Auto" TemperatureUnits="1" HeatCoolDelta="3" MaxHeatSet="80" MinHeatSet="50" MaxCoolSet="90" MinCoolSet="60" AffectedAreaIDs="39,9,37,10,8,7,6,5,3,2">