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Thread: proper alignment for Claro screw-less wallplate

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    proper alignment for Claro screw-less wallplate

    Hi -
    Does anyone know what is the best practice to align nicely a screw-less CW-1 Claro wallplate with an electrical outlet or a rocker switch?
    For example, normally my outlets are not raised equally (from the edge of the wallplate), some of them are below the wallplate edge, some of them are above and some of the outlets are slanted (leaning towards one side).
    Is there any video or a suggestion available that explains the proper procedure on how to align this properly? Also for how much should be an outlet above (raised) or below (recessed) the wallplate level? Thanks.

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    Hello kposcic,

    Thank you for your post!

    Unfortunately, we do not have any videos for how to mount our claro wallplates or mount receptacles. Additionally, there is no set amount a receptacle can be above or recessed into a wallplate, however there might be local codes that affect this.

    From personal experience I have noticed some receptacles and switches only have circular holes for mounting. This makes mounting difficult if your wallbox is not properly installed, as you will not be able to move the switch if needed. Claro switches and receptacles have oval screw opening so that you can move the switch to better mount it. Additionally if the wallbox is too deep you can use spacers to bring the receptacle out instead of unscrewing it and leaving it loose. These can also be used if only one side is recessed in.

    As for the ones sticking out to far, there could be an issue with the actual wallbox being mounted out too far or the wires could be pressing against the receptacle.

    Hope this helps!

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