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Thread: Cree LED Low End Trim

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    Cree LED Low End Trim

    I have Cree LED bulbs, and a scene setup with RRD-6NA dimmers, the scene sets the dim level to 1%, of course not all of the banks of lights come on.

    However, if I turn them to full on and then to 1% it works fine (with no flicker).

    Iíve also repeated the test with 5%, and the same effect.

    Repeating with 10% works, however, it is significantly brighter than 1% or 5%.

    Any suggestion?

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    I don't know what bulb you are using but the LED Report Card tool only lists 1 Cree fixture that will go to 1%. There are a couple that go to 5%. Lutron probably lists higher low ends to avoid the issues you are describing.
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    SRDL6 and SRDL4 which I canít find the report card for, but they work fine all the way down to 1%

    The circuit I have a problem with though has 2 SRDL6 bulbs, and two A19 bulbs ( it looks like the A19 only support 9% so I guess thatís where my issue is, probably makes sense to trim all the ones in that floor at 9% until I can potentially replace that fixture with a downlight, although I wish there was a report card for the downlights.

    Is there a better A19 bulb to use?

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    You didn't mention it, so I'm just confirming. Did you set the low end trim properly on each of the individual RRD-6NA dimmers?

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