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Thread: Replacing Maestro Single position switch to new multi position RadioRA 2 diimers

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    Replacing Maestro Single position switch to new multi position RadioRA 2 diimers

    I have 2 sconces that are LED.
    I currently have a single location switch that operates it.
    I want to replace the switch with a RadioRA 2 dimmer and 2 remote location switches.
    The new location do not have direct wiring to the current position, but the do have power.

    I would like to control these through an app and or computer.

    What products do I need?
    I believe I will need
    1 master dimmer
    2 companion dimmers
    1 bridge

    What models numbers would be correct here? The dimmers I have look like (but not sure WHAT model numbers they actually are!) MACL-153M. I do what something that looks the same.

    For this type of install, would I need to do any rewiring since the current wiring is not setup for a 3 or 4 way conventional wiring, or will the companion dimmer talk to the master via wireless?


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    Remote dimmers only communicate with master dimmers via a wired connection. Lutron does have a couple of systems that will do what you want.

    Caseta is the low-end system but has a little different look-and-feel than Maestro devices. You would install the Caseta dimmer in the single location then add Pico (battery) remotes wherever you want. The Pico remote can be hand-held, pedestal mounted, wallbox mounted, or wall mounted (on sheetrock with a plate around it). If you want app control you will have to add a smart-bridge. Caseta is limited to 50 devices.

    RA2 Select is the mid-range system. It uses the same scenario but offers more dimmer options and does use the Maestro interface. RA2 select can be upgraded to Radio RA 2 and allow you to keep most of your existing devices. RA2 Select has a limit of 100 devices.

    You can go to and check compatibility with your LED lights.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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