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Thread: IDing multiple processors

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    IDing multiple processors

    In a multi-processor system, how does one ID processor 1 from processor n? In other words, how does Designer "know" which of the processors it activates is processor 1 vs any other processor that is connected?

    Does one only hook up one processor, activate it and then hook up the next and then activate that one?

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    I usually Label the processors in a very technical way. I use this stuff called "blue painters tape" so when ever i need to identify them its easy. But as for your question using the mac address is the best way. If you don't see the mac address as a column in the activation tab you would choose customize columns and check off Mac address

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    using the MAC address sounds good…thanks

    and I have a labeler for the other option….:)

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    Also in Customize Columns you can select the option for "Processor #" which will tell you which processor is 1 and which processor(s) is n. Paired with the MAC address or labeling it would be a good way to identify the processors.

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    I also noticed you can plug in the serial number…I think I'm good to go, thanks!

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