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Thread: Need help choosing dimmer to minimise RFI

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    Question Need help choosing dimmer to minimise RFI

    I have six LED retrofit downlights ( controlled by a dimmer. They work fine but they are causing RFI that is interfering with my garage door opener. If I eliminate the dimmer (hard wire the lights) the problem goes away.
    I would like to try an RFI suppressing dimmer. I believe the choices are either the NTCL-250 or the NTRP-250 from the Nova T series.
    I'm looking to the forum for advice.
    Thanks - Terry

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    This app note says "every Lutron® dimmer contains a filter to suppress RFI..." Tech support can tell you if the NTCL or NTRP is better than the others.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Hello tkovacs,

    Thank you for your post!

    The best choice to reduce RFI si the NTRP-250. The reverse phase dimmers reduces the amount of line noise the LEDs generate, which in turn can eliminate the RFI. We cannot guarantee this, but it is the best option to rid of RFI.

    Hope this helps!

    Julia K.

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